FFXIV Crafting 100% HQ 2 Stars with one set of crafting gear

OCT 2014 – Convert macros to newer format with , reducing the macros required to run (slightly).

This is a compilation of research from FFXIV forums (original links at the end of this article)
+ feedback at reddit

I’ve simplifed the system to just 2 sets of macros (40/80), 1 set of crafting gear (no AFs) and 1 food. The aim is to achieve the bare minimum to hit 100% HQ for 2 Star 80 DUR crafts and nearly 100% (95-100%)  HQ rate for 40 DUR crafts. In theory there’s no need to hit HQ for any 40DUR crafts since you can hit 100% on 80DUR however economically you rather have some HQ mats to save some cost in your offhand (more on that later).

You can substitute some of the below gears for crafting AFs to save costs, however the set below allows you to only own 1 set of gear for all crafts, saving you much needed space and massive saving in melding less gears.

All the numbers you will ever need to remember

Craftsmanship 347 (no more, no less)
Control 318-340 (318 to do HQ 2Stars – 340 for 100% HQ 2Stars with NQ mats, 340++ for higher chance of 100% for 40DUR)
CP: 340-342 (Capped) – You would want to hit 342 Cap to eat cheap food NQ Bouillabaisse, it’s very cheap to cap CP so there’s no point not hitting 342.

The perfect gear would look like this
Craftsmanship 347 | Control 340+ |  CP:342 (+food 376/385)

Macro CP requirements
40 Dur HQ 2 Stars = CP381 = 342 base + HQ Bouillabaisse = 385
80 Dur HQ 2 Stars = CP373 = 342 base + NQ Bouillabaisse = 376

Macro requirements
Most crafts at 50 except
Armorer 0
Blacksmith 15 for Ingenuity
Culinarian 37 for Hasty touch and Steady Hand II


Gears Setup

Depending on your server’s AH, some materias (usually the lv I) might be a lot cheaper then II or III (or IIIs might be cheaper then IIs etc). The setup will vary from server to server on what is economical. For my server (Aegis), the Is are 30-40x cheaper then II & IIIs for CP, thus i penta-meld CP+1s instead of using CP+3s or CP+2 as i can get the materias at a greatly reduced price (200-300 vs 6000-9000). You logically would put the most expensive materias at the start of the meld and work your way to the cheaper ones at the back. As a gauge it usually takes 5-20 tries to meld the 5th meld. Which on my server would mean a maximum risk of 300G x 20 = 6000G for the last meld.

HQ Patrician’s Wedge Cap
3 Craftsmanship / 5 Control / 3 CP

HQ Patrician’s Coatee (Updated: HQ Dodore Doublet for 3slots, high overmeld chances).
14 Craftsmanship / 5 Control / 3 CP (unable to meld)

HQ Patrician’s Gloves
3 Craftsmanship / 5 Control / 3 CP

HQ Patrician’s Bottoms
5 Control / 3 CP

HQ Patrician’s Gaiters
3 Craftsmanship / 5 Control / 3 CP

HQ Raptorskin Merchant Purse
3 Craftsmanship / 5 Control / 3 CP

HQ Electrum Choker
3 Craftsmanship / 3 Control / 5 CP

HQ Red Coral Earrings
3 Craftsmanship / 3 Control / 6 CP

HQ Militia Wristlets
4 Craftsmanship / 4 Control / 6 CP

HQ Aetheryte Ring (x2)
4 Craftsmanship / 4 Control / 3 CP

HQ Offhand
5 Craftsmanship / 9 Control
(Minimum used – Actual cap is 19 Craftsmanship / 11 Control / 3 CP however u can’t get everything with 5 materia melds)
**NOTE ABOUT OFFHAND** To be very economical You only actually need to put +5Craftsmanship onto it (331 Control). However the extra 9 Control ensures 100% HQ on non-HQ mats (80 DUR crafts).If you use some HQ mats, you might go by without the 9 Control (which costs a bomb to meld), you can skip the control for some classes (ie cooking) since they often come with HQ mats.

Click the image below to see how materia is placed in each item. Currently the auction house on my server is selling most of the lv 1 materia at really cheap prices (200-300) so the best way is to spam them to complete 5 melds which is cheaper the spamming II or IIIs. The aim is to put as much stats on the gear and not the offhand as you will need to craft each offhand individually which will add to your costs. Also note that the only mandatory materia in the offhand is 5 Craftsmanship for 347 crafting. If your using some HQ mats, you can skip the 9 control on the Offhand, making it really cheap.

Crafting Gear Meld


There are several steps of if-else due to “excellent-poor” conditions, so macros are broken into several steps.
The full macros without any if-elses would be:

2Star 40DUR High HQ rate macro

2Star 80DUR 100% HQ rate macro

However by running the above macro outright you might (in rare situations) hit a poor on your synthesis/Byregot’s blessing resulting in a less then 100% HQ.

I’ve broken the macro into 11 different macros (don’t panic, it’s not that complicated) and put them on a hotbars since I use it so frequently.

Macro Set on hotbar

The logic for the macros (flowchart for easy visualization) is that the macro stops when you are at a point where Excellent-poor will mess up the HQ results. At that point it forks into a decision. For 40DUR it’s a simple macro 3 or macro 4, and in the DUR 80 macro, there 2 points where Excellent will mess things up, as such there is 2 forks at the condition point.


DUR 40 Combo

DUR 40 Macro

Macro 1 [Macro Link]

/echo 2Star HQ 40 DUR (PART1)
/ac "Comfort Zone" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Inner Quiet" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Waste Not II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Hasty Touch" <me><wait.2> 
/echo Crafting Macro #1 Completed!

Macro 2 [Macro Link]

/echo 2Star HQ 40 DUR (PART3)
/ac "Manipulation" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Basic Touch" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Great Strides" <me>
/ac "Ingenuity" <me><wait.2> 
/echo Crafting Macro #2 Completed!
/echo Hit "3" if normal
/echo Hit "4" if Excellent

Macro 3 [Macro Link]

/echo CONDITION: NORMAL 5sec check Hit "4" if Excellent
/wait 5
/ac "Innovation" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Byregot's Blessing" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.2>
/echo Crafting Completed!

Macro 4 [Macro Link]

/echo CONDITION: Excellent 5sec check Hit "3" if Normal
/wait 5
/ac "Byregot's Blessing" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.2> 
/echo Crafting Completed!

DUR 80 100% HQ Macro
Macro 1 [Macro Link]

/echo 2Star HQ 80 DUR (PART1)
/ac "Comfort Zone" <me><wait.4>
/ac "Inner Quiet" <me><wait.4>
/ac "Waste Not" <me><wait.4>
/ac "Steady Hand II" <me><wait.4>
/ac "Basic Touch" <me><wait.4>
/ac "Basic Touch" <me><wait.4>
/ac "Basic Touch" <me><wait.4>
/ac "Basic Touch" <me><wait.4>
/ac "Basic Touch" <me><wait.4>
/ac "Great Strides" <me><wait.2>
/echo Crafting Macro Part 1 Completed!
/echo If condition is Normal hit "2"
/echo If condition is Excellent hit "3"

Macro 2 [Macro Link]

/echo 2Star HQ 80 DUR (PART2.1)
/echo CONDITION: NORMAL 5sec check Hit "3" if Excellent
/wait 5
/ac "Steady Hand" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Standard Touch" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Great Strides" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Ingenuity" <me><wait.2> 
/echo Crafting Macro Part 2.1 Completed!
/echo If condition is normal hit "4"
/echo If condition is Excellent Hit "5"

Macro 3 [Macro Link]

/echo 2Star HQ 80 DUR (PART2.2)
/echo CONDITION: Excellent 5sec check Hit "2" if Normal
/ac "Observe" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Steady Hand" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Standard Touch" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Great Strides" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Ingenuity" <me><wait.4> 
/echo Crafting Macro Part 2.2 Completed!
/echo If condition is normal hit "4"
/echo If condition is Excellent Hit "5"

Macro 4 [Macro Link]

/echo 2Star HQ 80 DUR (PART3.1)
/echo CONDITION: NORMAL 5sec check Hit "5" if Excellent
/wait 5
/ac "Innovation" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Byregot's Blessing" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.4> 
/echo Crafting Completed!

Macro 5 [Macro Link]

/echo 2Star HQ 80 DUR (PART3.2)
/echo CONDITION: EXCELLENT 5sec check Hit "4" if Normal
/wait 5
/ac "Byregot's Blessing" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.4> 
/ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me><wait.4> 
/echo Crafting Completed!

Final Words

With the above setup you can craft all 2Stars gears and HQ most DUR 40 Mats.
This article is a combination of trial and error and reading tons of forum threads/reddit on crafting while working on my crafting generator and generally having lots of fun burning gils on melds.


Gearing Setup http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/115707-Requesting-stats-cap-for-HQ-Patrician-s-set
Macro discussion http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/113810-80-Durability-100-HQ-using-all-NQ-materials.

43 Comments Say Something
  • I would like to comment that currently both forks for DUR40 crafts states “NOT EXCELLENT SELECTED, HIT 4/5 IF EXCELLENT”

    Otherwise, I think this looks like a nice guide. Sadly I am not in a position to make use of it yet. But it’ll come.

  • I saw this comment on the forums:
    “If you want to be even more economical, consider using the dodore jacket. Although it’s base level 47 it is in fact ilvl 50 like patricians, has the same base stats, accepts the same materia and features 3 materia slots instead of two making it safer and cheaper to over-meld.”

    Is it true to use dodore top instead?

    • Yup! The both have the sames stats and meld caps. Dodore has 1 more slots making it easier to overmeld. The body does require you to full meld it (all 5 slots) so using the Dodore jacket increases the chances of not failing by a few % points.

      Patrician allows you to change color for your outfit, it boils down to which suit you like in the end.

  • The two have apparently the same stats, both NQ and HQ, and you are correct that the dodore doublet has one additional meld slot. I believe it then really boils down to looks.

  • Great guide, thank you for sharing!

  • nice guide. one question, how do u get so many number icons?

  • Just an FYI: Your 80 DUR craft is not 100%. If you proc an excellent on your first steady hand II, your first basic touch will lose enough potency to wreck your craft. You can’t “observe” or “innovate” your way out of this because you’d lose a WN charge

    Your only out is to switch to an Ingenuity II method, which takes 381 CP and requires HQ bouillabaisse with 342 base CP. (This works with 341 craftsmanship and 337 control, too.) You also stuff a CS2 in between WN and SH2 if you proc an EXCELLENT after using WN.

    Items in () should only be used if you hit an EXCELLENT at that step transition.

    Items in [] should only be used if you DO NOT HIT an EXCELLENT at that step transition.

    The final *CS2* is only needed if you didn’t use the initial GS2.

    CZ -> IQ -> WN -> (CS2) -> SH2 -> BT -> BT -> BT -> BT -> BT -> GS -> (OBS) -> SH1 -> ST -> GS -> ING2 -> [INN] -> BB -> CS2 -> CS2 -> *CS2*


  • Hey guys, can you help me out here? I tried to make these Macros work, but whenever i use them during a craft, it gives the error message: “Can’t use /ac “Comfort Zone” (or any other action) on that target”. I made sure that all actions used are activated (im lvl 50 in every craft) and ready to be used. I have no clue what i’m doing wrong…

  • Your macro making tool is screwed up, it separates the macros into 16 lines not 15. You can’t just copy paste between the separator.

  • I just used your 2 star HQ 80 Dur macro shown on this page and I lost 9 Peacock ore in the process. I got to step 3 with 5 dura left and no recovery ability. There is obviously a step missing or miss typed in the macro. :/

  • Don’t use this information on valuable resources if you don’t understand it. It works great but you need to understand what you are doing. Blindly copy and pasting macros may work but make sure for yourself that’s everything works or your loss of mats is on you.

  • I also had a similar issue to Liavain, where I ran out of durability. I was crafting Militia Bracelets (1 star). When it went to complete, I only had 15 dur left (3 synths). It failed, it needs about 5-6 Careful Synthesis II’s to complete without using Ingenuity II. I have all the recommended stats listed.

  • I didn’t have Ingenuity I equipped, so the macro tried to use what wasn’t there and that explains the fail. Success! Thank you.

  • All the macros work fine. The 40dur RNG has only made me miss 2-3 HQ’s, but so far I’m 100% on all 80 dur. I personally changed the /wait 4 to /wait 3, except there’s a few where I have it at /wait 3.5 to make sure it does everything. I also added a at the end of every macro to make sure I know the macro is finished. Gotta get the best timing outta that 30min ^_^
    Thanks for this guide!

  • There’s no mentio of the Main Hand, from the picture I take it that it’s from the lvl50 Quest?

  • its a good guide but a lot of real crafters spent a lot of time devising a method for 100% hq craft. It is guides like this that caused the market to be over saturated with hq items ultimately causing too much competition and supply with not enough demand and the downfall of the free market.

  • Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would bee okay.
    I’m definitely enjoying yopur blog and look forward to
    new updates.

  • First I would like to say that your macros and the macro generator are great.

    It would be extremely helpful if you could change your macro generator (and also change your macro codes above) so that instead of the wait being like this:
    /ac “Comfort Zone”
    /wait 4

    it would be like this:
    /ac “Comfort Zone”

    with the wait code on the same line. By doing this you can get twice as many steps into one macro and can complete crafting with a lot less macros.

    • I see that it changed my comment because some of it was in angle brackets and it deleted them, so I will try posting that section again and put in unnecessary spaces and see if that works. What I was trying to say is, instead of the wait being like this:
      /ac “Comfort Zone”
      /wait 4

      it would be like this:
      /ac “Comfort Zone”

      with the wait code on the same line (without the spaces within the brackets of course).

  • Unfortunately that didn’t work either, so I will try a different approach. Instead of the wait being like this:

    /ac “Comfort Zone” (me) (I had to use()instead of angle brackets so it wouldn’t delete that part of the post)
    /wait 4

    it would be like this:
    /ac “Comfort Zone” (me)(wait.4)

    with the wait code on the same line, replacing the () with angle brackets of course.

  • Perfect. Absilutely perfect. My master crafting from 2.2 thanks you greatly.

  • have you been working on anything for the new 3 star stuff?

  • Just a warning to anyone trying to use the 80 durability macro for the 2 star mastery items. The durability on a normal 2 star is only 233. This works beautifully for that. The difficulty on the mastery 2 star is 419. This macro got me to 273 only, and then failed. My bad! I should have checked first. It is still a solid macro and I really love the 40 durability one!

  • I have to admit I’m a big fan of non-macro, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants crafting that keeps my brain functioning and my reflexes sharp, but the rotation I typically use just can’t stand up to 2-star 40 DUR recipes and I’m not seeing a clear path to adapt it. And DAMN! if that 40 DUR macro ain’t a beautiful thing to behold! TYVM

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  • Your 40 durability 2 star macro is missing a wait timer on the great strides in macro 2 on that rotation.

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