FFXIV Heavensward Crafting Macro Generator

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New: Learn how to craft 100% 2 Star HQs with only 1 set of cheap gear for all crafts.

1. Pick from Skill List

2. Macros
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0. Setup

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End Macro Echos

1. Click on the skills to create a macro
2. Each line represents 1 macro (ie 8 actions with delays) so form your macros.
3. Click Generate and copy into your user macros in FFXIV (hover for setup options)
4. Report all bugs @ http://www.garytay.net/ffxiv/ in the comments section.

since Oct-2014

Original code by Minzer Yuki @ Tonberry - Site
Modified by Serra Avenger @ Tonberry

Change logs
2015-07-02 - 3.0.0
Crafting updated for Heavensward
- Added 25 new skills to existing 35 skills
2014-07-31 - 2.0.2
Wait timer inline updated
- Edward.B.M. (Thanks Bro) macro update, wait timer now inline instead of seperate lines.
2013-12-01 - 2.0.1
Added the ability to link directly to a macro
- 1. Generate Macro
- 2. Copy the URL at the top (Right click copy link)
- 3. Open the URL in new browser or share it with someone else
2013-11-19 - 2.0.0
Took raw code from Mizer and changed the UI.
- Added missing crafting skills.
- Removed XIVDB tooltips - Directly coded the tooltips into file instead, no reliance on XIVDB means no breakage when they changed codes.
- Grouped the Skills to their respective purposes.
- Change the max actions per macro to 8 from 7.
- Added "Echo" function.