FFXIV – End Game Reference

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Whole bunch of references for post 50 content.

End-game progression chart: http://intothemists.com/ffxiv/chart_for_end_game/

Speed Run Wandering Palace (WP) : http://youtu.be/YScBJynlISY

Garuda Positon: http://i.imgur.com/vnJu3dP.png?1
Garuda Speed run (Farming video) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBdzTwFs1zI
Titan Rotation: http://i.imgur.com/UbacDrh.gif

Relic Weapon Guide http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/71222-A-Relic-Reborn-Walkthrough
The Binding Coil of Bahamut

Which turns drop what loot for which class – http://www.garytay.net/files/coildrops.jpg
Turn 2 position – Link
Turn 4 reference video – Link

FFXIV App Translator and Damage Parser – http://ffxiv-app.com/

How to test ping http://www.ffxivguild.com/how-to-test-your-lagpinglatency/

JP – ping
US – ping
EU – ping

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  • I modified the show_result function in your macro.js to use the new syntax along with allowing 15 commands in 1 macro (without echo)

    function show_result() {

    var line_limit = 15; //Echo not checked
    var macro_counter = 1;
    if ($(‘#m_echo’).is(‘:checked’)) {
    line_limit =14;
    var step = $(‘#temp’).val().split(“,”);
    $(‘#result’).css(‘height’, (step.length * 30) + ‘px’)
    var html = ”;
    for (var j = 0; j < step.length – 1; j++) {
    if (j != 0 && j % line_limit == 0) {
    if(line_limit==7){ html += '/echo Crafting Macro #'+macro_counter+' Completed!';}
    html += '’;
    html += ‘/ac “‘ + values[step[j]] + ‘” <me&gt’;
    html += ‘ <wait.’+$(‘#delay’).val()+’>’;
    else {
    html += ‘ <wait.’+$(‘#delay2′).val()+’>’;
    if(line_limit==7){ html += ‘/echo Crafting Macro ‘+macro_counter+’ Completed!’;}
    //V2.0.1 Macro URL

    • Until this is updated, anyone can copy/paste it into firebug’s right side on the console tab and hit run for it to replace the function temporary, so when you hit generate macro it uses the modified code.

  • Looks like wordpress comments replaced my quotes in the above and screwed it up, here’s the function in pastebin: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=dbn4VMrz

  • Kaladin Stormblessed

    You can also apply the change via a bookmark mod by creating a bookmark with this in the location: javascript:var s=document.createElement(‘script’);s.type=’text/javascript’;document.body.appendChild(s);s.src=’//pastebin.com/raw.php?i=dbn4VMrz’;void(0);

    all that does is load the pastebin I’ve put the modified function in, so if you go to the crafting macro generator hit that bookmark it will automatically apply the fix. This has the added benefit of working on every browser and being easy.

  • Masters Mend 2 requires a 3 second wait time as a buff instead of the universal 2 of other buffs

  • Thank you for your simplified macro creator!

    I found an issue that Master’s Mend and Master’s Mend two should be given of 3, not 2. If not given 3 they will cause the macro to skip the following step.

    Thank you very much!!

  • Calculator does not account for Clipping Comfort zone correctly. In game if there is one stack left and you hit CZ you will NOT regain 8 cp. The calculator says otherwise though.

  • The calculator does not reduce flawless synthesis’ CP cost to 0 after using Maker’s Mark. I can see the difficulty in that since how many times flawless synthesis can be used for free varies by the difficulty of the craft. Maybe some sort of special rule could be added for Maker’s Mark.

  • Awesome site, but calculator doesn’t account for muscle memory needing to be used first(step 1)

  • Bitte Macro für Goldschmied in deutscher Sprache

  • One small problem that I’ve had with your FFXIV Heavensward Crafting Macro Generator is that Maker’s Mark seems to require a 3 second wait instead of a 2 second wait like other buffs. Thanks for the great tool for making crafting macros!

  • just out of curiousity do you plan on updating for stormblood?

  • I’ve no idea if the author is interested in keeping up the Macro Generator, but I have created my own one that should work mostly like this one, but with Stormblood skills included; https://ff14.mireiawen.net/Macro

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